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Navigating the LypStar FOR YOU Page

lypstar music app get famous lip sync your way to fame download now free app lipstarIf you've used LypStar before you probably already know the basics of the For You page. See someone you like? Click the + sign to follow or click on their profile picture to watch more of this user’s content. But how do you get your own videos on to the for you page of other users? Let's find out!

The LypStar Media algorithm allows for users to have a collection of videos selected especially for them based on their viewing habits. This differs from the LypStar following page which is a collection of the most recently posted videos by users you follow. You do not have to be following a user for one of their videos to appear on your For You page.

Becoming a verified user on the LypStar APP will automatically push your content to the top of the For You Page for a large percentage of viewers, however; you are NOT required to be a verified user to be featured on the FOR YOU page or in the DISCOVER section.

Creating quality content consistently is the best way to insure that you appear on the FOR YOU page. If you need tips and tricks on ways to improve your videos try joining the LypStar DISCORD Server and interacting with other video artists.

Everyone has a fair and equal chance of being discovered on the LypStar APP, regardless of; age, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, race, religion, or other affiliations. 


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